by Jim Henry

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Spiritual Racism or Reality (6 of 12)
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Isaiah 44:6-11; John 14:6; Acts 4:11-12

Sometime ago in a local newspaper there was an
article that I just had to clip out. It fits very
distinctly with what we are talking about today. This
man is called a reverend and beyond that I will not
say anything. This is what he wrote:
"I realize that there are many who believe that
their faith is the only right religion. There are
many who think that all of these ethnic and religious
wars and killings would stop if the whole world would
believe as they do.
The compartmentalization of religion is the work
of people, not God. The powerful and the want-to-be's
use religion to gain power, control people and achieve
objectives. I have come to believe that any religion
that does not affirm diversity is really a religion of
bigotry. God did not create a world of one religion
and obviously did not intend to. It seems to me that
God created many religions and faiths to meet the
needs of a wide variety of cultures, societies and
peoples. If it helps people, it is valid, God or the
gods, or NO god."
He concludes by saying, "The real world is too
small for the bigotry, exclusiveness and hatred
generated by those who believe that their religion is
the only way. People of all faiths need to put aside
their division and find creative ways to care."
According to David Barrett and his studies of
religions of the world there are 9,900 separate
religions and faiths not counting the major religious
groups in the world. With that as a background and
more being created everyday, the question becomes a
legitimate one.
Is Jesus then the only way to God? That is a
good question especially in the light of our culture
and the light of what is happening in the world today.
It has received renewed attention since 9-11. Other
religions have come into focus. So ...

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