by Jim Henry

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One of a Kind (Jesus) (2 of 12)
Christianity for Dummies
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Colossians 1:15-20; Matthew 16:13-16

What do you think of Jesus? The Gallop Poll did
an interesting survey of the American people on that
very question. Who do you say Jesus is? Ten percent
said that they believed that Jesus had some divine
elements about Him. Another percentage believed that
He was a figure in human history. 40% believed that
Jesus was God. Very fascinating thing. It has been
fascinating that Jesus has been on the cover (pictures
or articles about Him) in the last few years more than
at any time.
TIME MAGAZINE had a front page that said, "Who is
Jesus?" The University of Chicago said that in the
last 20 years more has been written about Jesus Christ
than at any time in history. More songs, more books,
more studies have been written about Jesus Christ than
any person in history.
So then, we ask the question this morning, "Who
then is Jesus?" We are talking about Someone very
pertinent to the world and to us. This is so
important for two reasons: first, Christianity is
built on Jesus Christ. If Jesus isn't who He said He
is, you disembowel Christianity. You take Christ out
of it and you have nothing. Secondly, if Jesus is
divine, if He is God, then all the other problems that
surface in our questions are answered; if Jesus is
God, the very unique person that history and the Bible
say that He is, who is Jesus to you?
Is He a kind of Mr. Rogers, nice neighborhood
friend or is He Jesus Christ, Super Star, as the
Broadway play had it? Or is He Jesus, a figure of
history or is He the Jesus who has invaded your life?
Who is Jesus? That question was asked a long time
ago. I want you to understand with me this morning
that the answering of that question makes all the
difference in time and eternity. So, when we ask,
"Who is Jesus?" Let us go back and see that Jesus
asks us ...

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