by Jerry Vines

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Good News for Baghdad (11 of 12)
Meet the Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
I Corinthians 15:1-8
4/20/03 (Easter message)

Do you have one of these TV remotes at your house? You
should never go home without one. It's my favorite
toy. I don't know what it is about these TV remotes
that get hold of men, but we men really do enjoy them.
In fact, if you ladies want to get in trouble, just
hide the TV remote and you have yourself in big, big
trouble. I don't know if it's a feeling of power or
what it is, but there's something about a TV remote
that every man really enjoys. When you think about it,
it is a part of the amazing technology of our day. We
are living in a day of miracle technology. By means of
this remote and by television and satellite
technology, it is impossible to compress distance. By
means of this right there in your own home, you can
witness scenes which are taking place literally
thousands and thousands of miles away.

This morning I want to use some technology to bring to
close to you as I possible can the real meaning of
what Easter is all about.

I want us to begin by first of all using this TV
remote and talk to you about the news this morning. I
turn on the TV and there's the news that we've all
been watching for about a month now. Most of us went
through the duties and responsibilities of the day,
went home for our meal, and then sat before our
television many late hours to view the scenes that
were coming into our room from Iraq and Baghdad.

Some of those scenes are a mixed bag, as you very well
know. There's a lot of good news in those scenes, but
there is also some bad news. There is some good news
in that we have had a relatively small loss of life,
though any life loss is a great tragedy and a great
time of sorrow. There have been some accounts of
auxiliary and collateral damage and innocents have
died. For this we mourn and we sorrow.

But as we have watched night after nigh ...

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