by Jerry Vines

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Jesus in the Middle (10 of 12)
Meet the Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
Luke 23:33, 39-43

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, the Bible tells
us that there were two others that were crucified with
Him. Mark tells us that when that took place, a
Scripture in the Old Testament was fulfilled. Isaiah
53, verse 12 predicted, "He was numbered with the

So, when Jesus was crucified on the cross there were
two others also crucified with Him. Luke says they
were malefactors. That's the common word for
criminals. When Jesus, the spotless, sinless Son of
God was crucified, on each side of the Lord Jesus, two
criminals were crucified. They were thugs. They were
hoodlums. These two men are very near to the end. They
are not just in the death ward. These men are being
strapped into the electric chair. It is just a matter
of a few hours and a few minutes and these men will be
out into eternity. On either side of the Lord Jesus
Christ are these two criminals and death is very, very

The Bible is very specific in saying to us that Jesus
was crucified in the middle of those two. In John 19
it says, "Jesus in the midst." It's a rather unusual
way of putting it. It means Jesus in the middle. When
you study the Scripture you will find that this is
always where Jesus is. When Jesus was just a twelve
year old boy the Bible tells us that his parents were
looking for Him and when they returned to Jerusalem
they found Him in the temple and the Bible says that
Jesus was sitting in the midst of the doctors and He
was asking and answering questions. Jesus in the

The Bible tells us in Matthew 18, verse 20, a very
meaningful verse where Jesus said, "Where two or three
are gathered together, there am I in the midst." Jesus
Christ is right here in the midst this morning. He is
right in the middle of this service.

You go over to the book of The Revelation and we have
that beautiful pict ...

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