TESTED! (7 OF 12)

by Jerry Vines

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Tested! (7 of 12)
Series: Meet The Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
Matthew 26:36-46

We are going to talk this morning about the Gethsemane experience of Jesus. This is familiar to most of us. But as we look at some of the highlights in meeting the real Jesus, we must come to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed a prayer like this world never heard.

We are looking at some of the highlights in the life of our Lord. We know that when the Lord Jesus was on the earth, He had a ministry of about three and a half years. Generally that ministry can be divided into two parts. The first part of this ministry He was in northern Galilee, where He was preaching, teaching, healing, and touching the lives of people. He was doing all manner of things to be a blessing to the people.

For the most part, He was very popular in northern Galilee. For the most part, people flocked around Him in great crowds.

The second half of the ministry of our Lord is conducted in and around the city of Jerusalem. It is in Jerusalem that the Lord begins to experience mounting opposition to His ministry. It is there where the religious establishment is. It is there where the religious leaders of the day are, who are greatly offended at the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On every hand, opposition is beginning to build to the Lord. These verses of Scripture bring us to the night before He will be crucified on a cross.

The Bible tells us that the setting of this particular passage of Scripture is the Lord's Supper. Jesus has gathered with His disciples into an upper room and He has observed the Lord's Supper with them. He has also told them that one of them would betray Him. He is referring to Judas. He tells them that all of them will desert Him and flee. They all avow their loyalty, none louder than Simon Peter. Simon Peter said, "Though all men forsake thee, Lord, you can count on me. I'll be right here when everybody else is gone."

In just a little while the Roman soldiers w ...

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