by Jerry Vines

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Transfigured! (6 of 12)
Meet the Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
Matthew 17:1-8

We are pursuing a series of studies which I am
calling, "Meet The Real Jesus." Not the Jesus of the
unbelievers. Not the Jesus of someone's imagination,
but the real Jesus. This morning we are going to look
at the experience known as the transfiguration. We'll
talk about the real Jesus being transfigured.

After Jesus was baptized and after His temptation
experience from Satan in the wilderness, the Bible
tells us that He began His public ministry. As you
study the public ministry of our Lord you will find
that He basically did three things. He went about
teaching. He went about preaching and He went about
healing. As we study the life of our Lord you will
find that He interconnected with many different
individuals, meeting their needs, speaking to their
hearts, and pointing them toward the things which
really matter in life.

Along the way, He is also teaching His disciples. He
has gathered around Him twelve men and He is investing
Himself in them, teaching them the great things of
importance. The Lord Jesus Christ is teaching them
about life. He is teaching them about death. He is
teaching them about eternity. He is teaching them
about heaven. He is teaching them about hell.

There are two great lessons Jesus wants to get over to
these disciples. In chapter 16 we are told about those
two great lessons. The first thing Jesus wants them to
know is Who Jesus and the second thing He wants them
to know is what He came into the world to do.

He has been hammering home this truth of who He is.
That He is the Son of God. That He is God revealed in
human flesh. So it is examination time and He says to
the disciples, "Who do men say that I am?" They gave
all of the standard answers. Then He says, "Who do you
say that I am?" Simon Peter spoke up and said, "You
are the Christ, the Son of the Living God."

Jesus asked th ...

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