TEMPTED! (5 OF 12)

by Jerry Vines

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Tempted! (5 of 12)
Meet The Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
Matthew 4:1-11, I Corinthians 10:13

This morning we are going to talk about the temptation
of Jesus. From the temptation of Jesus we are going to
learn about temptation. Temptation is the enticement
to sin. It is something all of us face. All of us know
what it is to be tempted.

I heard about a little boy whose mom said to him, "You
are not to go swimming in the swimming hole today. I
have plans for you tonight and I don't want you going
swimming." Later on mom went by the swimming hole and
there was her son swimming. She called him out of the
water and said, "Son, didn't I tell you not to go
swimming?" He said, "Momma, I didn't intend to go
swimming, but the devil tempted me and caused me to go
swimming." She looked at his bathing suit and said,
"What are you doing then with your bathing suit on if
the devil tempted you?" He said, "Oh, I brought that
along just in case I was tempted."

I think all of us understand what temptation is all
about. First Corinthians 10, verse 13 says, "There has
no temptation taken you but such as is common to man."
All of us know what it is to be tempted.

Jesus Christ was the Son of God, but He was also the
Son of Man. Jesus Christ was a real person. He was a
real man. Because of that the Lord Jesus Christ knows
what temptation is all about. Jesus, our wonderful
Lord, was tempted. He was a real person. He was not
living an imaginary life, but He lived life and He
experienced the same kinds of things you and I
experience. Among those he experienced temptation, the
enticement to sin.

Notice the first word of Matthew 4, verse 1. "THEN was
Jesus led up of the Spirit." That raises the question,
when. It points us to what has previously been told.
The previous verses tell us about the baptism of
Jesus. Jesus was baptized. He came up out of the
water. The Bible says the Holy Spirit like a dove came
and ...

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