by Jerry Vines

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The Real Baptism (4 of 12)
Meet The Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
Matthew 3:13-17

We are looking at some of the milestones in the
ministry of our Lord, some of those great mountaintop
events in His life, as we are talking about Meeting
the Real Jesus. This morning we are going to talk
about the real baptism.

Have you been baptized? Do you remember when you were
baptized? Where were you baptized? What did it mean to
you when you were baptized?

You are sitting in a Baptist church and you understand
that we do believe in baptism. We take our
denominational name from baptism. We are a Baptist
church. We believe strongly in people being baptized.
We do not believe that baptism adds to the salvation
experience. We do not believe that the waters of
baptism have anything to do with your salvation. But
we do believe in people being baptized.

If it doesn't add to your salvation, why is it
important for a person to be baptized? Jesus was
baptized at the beginning of His public ministry.
Jesus went down to the river Jordan and there He was
baptized by John.

There is always something exciting about the beginning
of a life's work. The young doctor has completed his
training and his internship and now he steps into the
arena of helping people with physical needs. There's
something exciting about the young teacher, fully
prepared, and she steps into the classroom and
encounters inquisitive minds. There's something
exciting about the young man who has now completed his
training and he begins in the business world to make
his climb up the ladder of success.

For thirty years our Lord has been preparing. His
ministry will only be three years. He has made His
preparation. It is time now for Him to begin his
ministry. So at the very beginning of it we are told
that Jesus was baptized.

Switch to the scene about eighty miles south of where
Jesus is. Jesus is north in Nazareth. It is about
eighty miles ...

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