by Jerry Vines

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The Real Boy (3 of 12)
Meet The Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
Luke 2:39-52

I'm talking to you from the real book, the New
Testament. From this real book, I'm talking to you
about the real Jesus. Not the Jesus of someone's
opinion, but the Jesus presented in the New Testament.
Not the Jesus of someone's estimate or idea, but Jesus
as He is given to us in the pages of the New
Testament. The Real Jesus!

If I can adequately present to you the real Jesus, I
believe there will be a strong attraction in His life
to cause you to want you to give your life to Him.

We have talked about the real birth of Jesus, the
virgin birth of our Lord. Jesus came into this world.
He was born of a virgin. He was God in human flesh. He
was God but He was also man. He was as much God as if
He had not been man. He was as much man as if he had
not been God. So we have talked about the birth and
how the Lord Jesus Christ was born.

You would expect at this point in time to see a great
deal of detail about the boyhood of Jesus. It is
rather surprising when you read the four gospels about
the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, that there is not a
great deal mentioned about the life of our Lord. Those
who write biographies of great individuals normally
spend a great deal of time talking about the boyhood
or the girlhood of that individual. Many times you can
find clues to the greatness of a person in those days
of boyhood. But when you pick up your New Testament
you don't find a great deal about it. In fact, it is
referred to by Bible teaches as the "hidden years."
It seems these years have been cloaked off and hidden
and there is not a great deal of information here.

We do know that Jesus lived approximately 33 years. We
also know that his public ministry was about three
years. That lets us know that those early years of the
Lord were years of preparation thirty years in length.
For every one year of ministry there wer ...

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