by Jerry Vines

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The Real Book (1 of 12)
Meet the Real Jesus
Jerry Vines
Matthew 1:1-17

I'm beginning a series of messages which I am
entitling, Meet The Real Jesus. Not the Jesus you have
heard about or the Jesus that some people talk about,
but for several weeks I'm going to introduce to you,
with the help of the Lord, to the real Jesus.

In order to do that I have to go to the real book.
Turn to the New Testament, Matthew 1, verse 1. One of
the most innovations in television in recent years is
the advent of what is known as reality television.
That seems to be something that has caught on in this
country. Many people seem to be very interested in
watching reality television. Somehow people are living
in such an illusory world and a world that is unreal,
there seems to be a hunger and an interest and a
desire on the part of people to make contact with that
which is real.

Reality is that which is true. Reality is that which
corresponds to fact. That brings me to say that
reality TV is not really reality. It is a staged
situation and it is edited very carefully. So you are
really not seeing reality when you watch reality TV.

On the other hand there are some who are interested in
reality groups. They want to be a part of a religious
group that will put them in contact with reality. We
have now the Railions. This is the group that claims
they have cloned human life. It was started by a
journalist who claimed that he had contact with some
little green monsters who came from another planet.
They revealed to him the truth that the whole human
race came into existence not by evolution, not by
creation, but by cloning. There are some people who
attach themselves to these kinds of groups. They are
looking for reality.

Then there are others who are looking for a book that
will tell them about reality that will get them in
touch with that which is true. So I want to talk to
you this morning about what I ...

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