by Harley Howard

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Colossians 3: The Risen Life
Part 6 of 6
Colossians 3: 22-25

Paul gave us specific instructions to 2 other very
important areas of Christian responsibility, the home
and the workplace. We have already examined the home
and now we will examine the workplace. What strikes
me by way of contrast about this area of Christian
responsibility is the absolute clarity that Paul uses
in his teaching contrasted with the absolute confusion
that seems to reign in the lives of so many professing
Christians regarding work. You would think by the
attitudes and actions of most professing believers
that God was not clear as to what His commands were
and are regarding work responsibilities. As if God is
sending subliminal messages as we read these clear
passages, not to believe what He's commanding us to
do. God's word is rather clear as to the
responsibility to those who are in the labor force.

Before I get into the text itself, it is important for
us to have some understanding of the work force that
dominated the Roman world because it was vastly
different than our own. Slavery was in fact the great
work force of the Roman world. Many historians
estimate that 1/3 to 1/2 of all the citizens of Rome
were slaves. Slavery was universally accepted at that
time by both non-Christian and Christian households.
Not only was it universally accepted but also
considered a fundamental institution, indispensable to
civilized society. Even professional people, such as,
teachers, doctors as well as those who held menial
jobs. Slaves were people who had no rights, but were
property existing for the comfort, pleasure, and the
convenience of the owner. With that in mind, it is
interesting that nowhere in the New Testament do we
ever read of Paul and Peter and any other writer of
the New Testament giving instructions to slaves, who
were believers, to cause a revolt, or of civil unrest
against the government. Mul ...

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