by Harley Howard

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The Epistle to The Colossians, Chapter 1
Part 5 of 5
Dr. Harley Howard

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This is why there are so many attacks about the person
and work of Christ. Not just the work on he cross,
but His current work, through the person of the Holy
Spirit operating in and through the church. As I said
already, "In establishing the greatness of salvation,
Paul established also the greatness of the person from
whom this salvation came, Jesus Christ."

All matters relative to this marvelous salvation rest
in the greatness of the person who gave it. Many
people have ignored this fact, to the hurt of their
own walk. Performance-based salvation is a failure.
Man's own efforts apart from Christ is a failure.

Rules and regulations produced by men, the doctrines
and teachings of men, all rob multitudes of true
worship as well as an understanding of the greatest
truth of all. That truth being that, "salvation is in
a person, and that person is Jesus Christ." In
Christ, we have (meaning that we keep on having) the
redemption through His blood, through His sacrificial
death. We have been brought back from a slavery to
which we were all sold into. Salvation is not
maintained by you or of your performance, it solely
exist because of Jesus Christ and Him alone. From
start to finish, salvation is always and forever,
Jesus Christ. In Christ we have redemption through
His blood, the forgiveness of sins. Now one of those
foundational truths that we need to understand
relative to who Jesus is, is to understand that Jesus
is the Savior. This truth we have already seen and
will see it more in this study. It is through His
redemption, through His blood that we have fellowship
and a relationship with God.

The second foundational truth relative to who Jesus
is, is the fact that He is God, the Son of God. This,
undoubtedly, is the most attacked truth in the history
of the church. Yet, an ...

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