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The Epistle to The Colossians, Chapter 1
Part 2 of 5
Dr. Harley Howard

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Paul not only sent his greetings but Timothy's also,
who was Paul's understudy and his young and most
faithful student. But Timothy was more than just a
young and faithful student to Paul. The words, our
brother, seems to indicate that he had many other
saints that had an endearing relationship with the
other saints at the Colossian church. Paul called him
a brother in this verse and in many other verses. In
other letters, he uses more endearing terms to
describe his love and affection for Timothy. I
believe that we can glean great truths by examining
Paul's love for Timothy.

For example:

In Romans 16:21, Timothy was called a companion in
labor. In other words, Timothy was faithful in the
work that Paul was faithful in. Timothy was faithful.

In 1st Corinthians 4:16-17, and in 16:10, Timothy was
loved of God and of Paul as well as faithful
(believer) in the Lord.

In Philippians 1:1 Timothy is called a servant, which
is translated a bondslave. The word, bondslave, is
defined by the following:

"For the Greek, personal freedom was his prized
possession. To be independent of others and to manage
his own life and to live as he chooses is of the
essence of such freedom. The bondslave belonged by
nature not to himself, but to someone else. The
bondslave owes his master exclusive and absolute
obedience. His work earned him neither profit nor
thanks; he was only doing what he owed as a bondslave.
Though Greek society showed great disdain toward any
bondslave, from God's perspective, there was no other

This described the character of both Paul and Timothy.
They were fellow bondslaves!

In Philippians 2:19-23, Timothy was described as the
only man that Paul could say who was of equal mind to
him as far as his care for the churches was concerned.
Timothy h ...

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