by Harley Howard

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The Epistle to the Colossians, Chapter 1 (1 of 5)
Dr. Harley Howard

We are to embark on what I believe is one of the most
life changing letters of the New Testament. This
epistle expresses so much of the deity of our Lord
Jesus Christ and of the heart of the shepherd's desire
for the growth of the sheep. For many, many people in
Christendom, there are many false barometers being
used to determine Christian growth.

A barometer, in the non-weather usage of the word, is
something that serves to register accurately the
changes in public opinion or of the times in which a
society lives. As the times and opinions change in
the thinking and the attitudes of this lost world
around us, believers need to hold fast to the
unchanging, absolute truth relating to Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, many professing believers today, just
as in the days of Paul when he wrote this letter, have
changed the standard of what constitutes genuine
Christian growth, which begins with an incorrect view
of who Jesus Christ is, according to the scriptures.

There are many who do not see Jesus Christ according
to what the scriptures reveal Him to be. Because of
this, it is not possible to worship Him correctly, in
fact, it is not possible to worship Him at all.

This letter reveals Jesus Christ in all of His eternal
glory, His majestic splendor, His regal royalty, His
creative power, His humanity, His death, and His
glorious resurrection.

The Author was the Apostle Paul. The letter was
written about AD 59-63. Paul was in prison at this
time. It was written to the faithful saints in the
church of Colosse.

Colosse was a city about 12 miles from Laodicea and
was one of the clothing and dye centers of the world.
As with any city within Roman territory, the views and
opinions of the various thinkers and heretical
religionist were prevalent. There is no doubt that as
with Rome, we too are deluged wit ...

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