by Harley Howard

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The Book of James (8 of 8)
Chapter 5 and Conclusion
Dr. Harley Howard

James and The Rich.

1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your
miseries that shall come upon you.

GO TO NOW: This is the same expression that James used
in chapter 4:13, and it means to listen. What is so
interesting in James' approach to the rich is his
sternness in warning them about their impending doom!

In an age where the strong, fiery, dynamic preacher is
fast becoming extinct we fail to see the "no nonsense"
approach that all the biblical prophets, including
Jesus, took when it came to those who rejected Christ.
In this society where we mask our sins with egos and
emotions, James is by no means a popular epistle. But
for those of us who are sensitive to the divine tug of
God on our hearts we will do exactly what James say to
do--and that is to listen!

The object of his strong language is the godless rich.
Those who place their trust and dependency on their
wealth, whatever that wealth may be. We will see that
the rich wield a two-edged sword. First of all, they
have an abundance of wealth that is wasted and used
for useless fading pleasures, and second, they abuse
the poor because of their wealth.

We listen to cries in our society about feeding the
hungry, helping the poor in need. One of the problems,
if not the chief problem, why this is not being done
better than it already is isn't because we don't have
enough money to do it. It is that the rich hoard
wealth and refuse to hear the poor in need and the
growling stomachs of the poor. I'm not saying that
all rich people hoard their wealth. I know that there
are some who have wealth who do help the poor and
needy. I'm not trying to make a blanket statement on
the rich either. I am saying that this is true in our
society and it is true in this whole world that the
rich hoard their wealth while the poor are dying daily
and are in desperat ...

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