by Harley Howard

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The Book of James (7 of 8)
Chapter 4:11-17
Dr. Harley Howard

What were some of the reasons for this life of

(1) A failure to appreciate the distinction between
God and the world. The world being, not the world of
nature, but human society which ignores and rejects
the things of God. The two are mutually exclusive.
They are in opposition towards each other. The true
relationship between God and the world is that they
have nothing in common with each other. James said
twice in verse 4, that friendship with the world is
enmity with God. Those of us who compromise with the
world are spiritual adulterers. We are married to
Christ and when we substitute anything, even good
things, even religious things, for Christ, we are
committing spiritual adultery.

(2) A false spiritual focus. A reading of this 4th
chapter reveals that the people to whom James writes
were self-seeking, self-assertive and self-centered.
This was the essence of their double-mindedness. In
spite of all of this, victory is possible for the
believer and the church, but it comes through divine
power only. Man cannot achieve the plan of God
without God. The great truth is that God is willing
to help. He's willing to grant unto us the grace and
strength that we so desperately need. It doesn't
matter what your situation is right now, God is able
and willing to help you where you are. For some it
will mean salvation, that is, trusting Christ as
Savior and Lord of your life. For others it means a
surrendering of your self and your will and yielding
to God. We need to submit to God, which means I
surrender my will and myself to your disposal of God.
The net result will be that you will take your stand
against the devil and he will run from you. Don't
play silly little demon chasing games with Satan, just
submit to God and Satan will leave. You let God deal
with the devil. You need to deal with yourself. ...

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