by Harley Howard

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The Book of James (1 of 8)
Introduction and Chapter 1:1-12
Dr. Harley Howard

Many years ago I spoke to a old friend of mine whom I
have not heard from since 1981. In our discussions
about the Christian faith I heard some despair in his
voice. It was not a despair that I have not heard
before; I have heard it from other brothers and
sisters in Christ. My friend was concerned about the
confusion that seems to reign in the lives of many
Christians today. It would seem that many professing
Christians have lost their sense of purpose and
direction and of their priorities in their walk. This
despair sparked a response that I have believed even
as a newborn Christian many years ago. I told my old
friend that two of the most tragic problems that face
Christianity are these:

First, it would appear that many in Christianity have
lost their standards. By standards I mean that many
have lost or misplaced their real purpose as
Christians and in some cases the reality of what a
Christian really is.

Second, Many Christians have simply ignored the truth
that our beliefs of Christianity and the teachings of
Christianity are to be lived out practically in our
day-to-day lives. By practical, I mean that which is
more than theory and speculation about what
Christianity is. If we reduce the whole of
Christianity to that which affects our beliefs but not
our behavior, then what makes the Christian faith any
different than a cult or some other false belief

The uniqueness of Christianity that stands infinitely
above and beyond all other systems of belief is this
truth: that Christianity, and Christianity alone has
the power to transform the life of one who is yielded
the Jesus Christ. Paul made clear in the first
chapter of Ephesians the great power of God operating
in the lives of every believer. The same power that
raised Jesus Christ from the dead is available to
direct the lives of all ...

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