by Harley Howard

The Judgement of God
By Dr. Harley Howard

Before we go on any further in this study, I believe that I need to
establish some important ground rules for our thinking.

The first ground rule is the most important of all, and that is, I am
speaking to you about the God of the Bible. This means that any
other concept of God, regardless who or where it comes or
originated from, I am not the least bit concerned or interested in
hearing about it. I am talking about the God of the bible, which
means that whatever I teach about the issue of God's judgement
and wrath comes from the Bible.

The second ground rule is this: Unless you commit your life to God
the Father through faith in His Son Jesus Christ, this topic probably
will have no meaning to you whatsoever. If you have already
predetermined to reject the reality of eternal judgement, for
whatever reason, then this topic may well be a waste of your time.

The third ground rule is this. God has already spoken with finality
about the issue of judging sinners, so there is no need of any
discussion, just repentance. If you are not saved, you have but 2
responses. You either receive Jesus Christ by faith, leading to
genuine conversion, or you continue in your rebellion against God
and His wrath remains on you this second.

With these ground rules in mind, let's delve into this issue of the
judgement of God. Probably one of the most misunderstood and
unpopular teachings of scripture is that God is a God of wrath and
that He has condemned, is condemning and will condemn sinners
to an eternal punishment in hell and the lake of fire.

We are going to approach our study on this issue from 3 truths.

1. God is angry with mankind, every day and His full wrath is but a
second away from every unconverted sinner this moment.

2. God's righteousness demands that He judges the wicked, or else
He would not be a righteous God.

3. God loves all mankind and has displaye ...

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