by Harley Howard

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Beware of the "Trap" of Hero Worship! -- Part 2
Dr. Harley Howard

"It seems to me that where you have Biblical ignorance--a lack of or
absence of a "whole Biblical concept of scripture in teaching,
preaching and of how one conducts all aspects of his or her own
professed Christian life", this "trend" of hero worship arises" Dr.
Harley Howard

I'm not going to take time to review in any great detail what was
written in Part 1. All you need to do is to go back and read the
article yourself. There is no question--none whatsoever, that many
of us, if not all of us, are, or have been, to some degree, affected by
this madness of "Hero Worship". By hero worship, I mean that it is
clear that instead of the scriptures being the central focus of
preaching and teaching, we have now leaned to "Heroes" for
support and are not ashamed to quote as many names as possible,
both of alive and of dead heroes. Instead of quoting from the only
reliable source of absolute truth, the scriptures themselves, we now
rely on our heroes to support the validity of what we believe or
teach. We have become a church of "Name Dropping!"

I made mention in Part 1 that this "Hero Worship" is literally
destroying our churches and many saints and frankly, our own
ministries! Well what do you mean by that?

Think with me. If you get your congregation to believe that they can
listen to these various and sundry voices and it not affect how the
sheep listen to you, you are going to be in for a big and
disappointing surprise!

When you preach, teach, or pastor, the people covertly will
compare you and your preaching to their "Heroes". Your preaching
and teaching will be undermined because in their thinking you will
always be compared to their "Heroes" and you had better fit the bill!
Don't be fooled, my friend, I know of what I speak! And pray that
these "Heroes" are not Pastoring large congregations and pray
even more that they do not have a ...

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