by Harley Howard

Should We Invite Unbelievers To Church?
Dr. Harley Howard

Should We Invite Unbelievers to the Church?

Well, should we invite unbelievers to Church? That's quite a
question and the answer is not what you may think. As with any
issue concerning the church, we need to go to the scriptures and
see what God has already written on this subject.

2nd Corinthians 6:14-18
2nd Corinthians 7:1

It is quite obvious in these verses Paul is stating that believers
should not form or maintain close relationships with non-Christians.
Believers should develop close relationships among other
believers, since we are of the same family, as well as one body,
and very dependent upon each other. Any association that a
believer has with an unbeliever should have the goal of winning
them to Christ.

In verse 14 it is important to note grammatically that Paul uses the
present tense of the verb "unequally yoked". Paul is telling the
believers to stop the current practice of yoking unevenly with the
ungodly. The references to yoking comes from Deuteronomy 22
and Leviticus 19. We must not, either temporarily or permanently
form a relationship with the ungodly that would lead to a
compromise of Christian standards or jeopardize the consistency of
our Christian witness. The unbeliever does not share the Christian's
standards, sympathies, or goals.

All of Paul's questions in verses 14-16 presuppose a negative

1. What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness (Psalm
45:6-7, 92:12-15)? God has nothing in common with the ungodly or
with unrighteousness.

2. What communion (participation) hath light with darkness?
(Proverbs 4:10-19; Isaiah 5:18-20; 1st John 1:5)

3. What concord (agreement) hath Christ with Belial (the devil)?
Both Christ and Satan have children according to John 8. If Christ
has no fellowship with the devil, why should we have fellowship
with Satan's children since we are to be imitators of ...

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