by Harley Howard

The Blessed Life
Dr. Harley Howard
Psalm One

1 "Blessed [is] the man that walketh not in the counsel of the
ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of
the scornful. "

This entire chapter could be entitled, "How to live a blessed life."
This Hebrew word, blessed, is used as an interjection. An
interjection is an exclamatory word that is used to express strong
feelings. The word could be translated--How blessed! It is clear that
the writer of this 1st Psalm knew by way of personal experience the
very blessedness he wrote of. Therefore it is a fitting beginning to
this great work of wisdom. This blessed condition, describes the
true state of the one who fulfills what the Psalmist says in this
chapter. It is important to realize that we cannot say that blessings
are strictly categorized as those things related to material prosperity
or of so earthly achievement, etc. We cannot regulate blessing(s)
as something that is always separate from what we are and of what
we seek for as if to say that if I don't have such and such, I am not
truly blessed of God. For the genuine worshiper of God, he or she,
is already blessed. We are blessed because of our relationship to
God, no matter what the circumstances are and it is also true that if
a person is NOT walking according to the will of God, then it is very
fair to say that no matter what achievements or earthly prosperity
one may have, he is NOT blessed at all.

God categorizes those who are not blessed spiritually as ungodly.
Our understanding of what it means to be blessed will be enhanced
as you trek through this book.

The word, blessed, also means happy. This word, unlike the
English word happy, depends on the circumstances of one's life for
happiness to exist. The Psalmist declares one to be truly happy
because of one's standing with God and one's obedience to the
word of God.

This is one reason why so many modern day profe ...

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