by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Gratitude (5 of 5)
Series: Living From The Inside Out
M. Kenneth Lyon
Psalm 100

Today we close our series on Living from the Inside Out. We've been talking for several weeks about outward behaviors and how we can reform, but unless we are transformed outward behaviors will revert to old patterns. Today in this final chapter we deal with inside out gratitude. Why did I choose this to be our last installment? It's simply because of this. The final act of God's graciousness is to make us gracious. It is to transform and shape our character so that we become more and more Christ-like in our attitude and in our hearts. To grow our hearts larger and more tender that we may not only be filled with gratitude but in turn our lives will reflect that gratitude in our service and in our dealings with other people. I will guarantee you that when you are feeling gratitude, you are more kind and you are loving to those about you. When you are not aware of gratitude in your life, when it's somehow not available to you, when you cannot access its power, you are never more less loving than then. So today we are going to look at a couple of passages of Scripture, some of which aren't in your bulletin, to give us an insight as to how gratitude can be a constant companion and life-changing part of our life's journey. Today in our Psalmist we have ''Enter into the presence of the Lord with thanksgiving'' with joy. And yet for a lot of us that's tough, because we don't do life with joy. We're in the survival mode. It just seems like most every day is a struggle that drains us instead of empowers us.

So today I want us to look at a passage of Scripture from Luke, chapter 17, about a group of lepers who learned an important lesson. At least, one of them did. This past week on Thursday we had a holiday. What was it? Veteran's Day. Throughout our land you saw gatherings, some large, some small, remembering with gratitude veterans and what they did on our behalf. What you also perha ...

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