by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Inside Out Commitment (4 of 5)
Series: Living From the Inside Out
M. Kenneth Lyon
2 Chronicles 16:9
October 31, 1999

Well, that's certainly an energizing passage of Scripture, isn't it? The Lord ranges far and wide looking for people with their hearts and their heads committed to Him that he might bless them. Sounds good so far! Then He says, "You've done foolishly in this and because of it you will experience strife." Strife from without and strife from within, as well. We for these past several weeks have been looking at passages of Scripture that have to do with living life inside out. We have determined that indeed our outer actions are but manifestations of an inward spirit. To be sure these outer actions of ours and behaviors are the product of our inner beliefs, attitudes, and commitments. Today we're going to look at the power of commitment. The power to make or break us both as individuals and as a church. You see those commitments don't have to be great and grand. They can be small over time because they have a cumulative effect.

I love the story of the chicken and the pig walking down the road. They were going cross-country enjoying each other's company would talk about world matters, solving world problems, enjoying seeing the sights. They came across a small town. In the small town was a diner. The diner's out front was a placard. The placard said, "Breakfast Special--Ham and Eggs." Well, they were paused, pondering the meaning of the sign when one of the wait staff came out and put another sign over it. "Sold out--no food!" The chicken, being a helpful sort, said to the pig, "What do you think about us goin' in and helpin' 'em out?" The pig replied, "Well, friend, you know, for you that's just a day's work, but for me it'd be a real sacrifice."

Commitments come in all sizes, large and small. And all of them have a cumulative effect. In fact, our commitments actually display what's really true about us. If you look in your growth no ...

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