by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Inside Out Service (2 of 5)
Series: Living From the Inside Out
M. Kenneth Lyon
Matthew 20:26; Mark 10:45
October 17, 1999

I know you've already looked at the growth notes, and you see there are 12 points. And some of you are extremely worried that we're not going to get out on time. I just want you to know there's no need to worry. We won't. So just kinda settle back and enjoy this because there's some good stuff here for you, folks. And I do want you to make sure you fill in the blanks in the growth notes 'cause there will be a test at the end of this service. And you'll know when it gets here.

We've been on this series on living from the inside out understanding that if we want to make impactful changes in our lives, in our outward behavior and how we fact the world, it's got to have as its genesis the inward structures of our lives to be transformed. It's true in all of our lives. We understand that this formula is true of all of us. Perception yields behavior; behavior yields destiny. If my perception of myself is as a person with no athletic ability of any kind, if that is my full perception, then my behavior will reflect that. I won't go out for any teams. I won't try to play catch. I won't try to develop any skills. My perception is I don't have them to begin with; therefore, my behaviors will yield my destiny, which says if I did have potential, it is never realized. It is the inner structures of our lives that have to be transformed if our outer behaviors and our outer world is to be impacted in enduring and lasting ways.

That's what Jesus was about when He dealt with His disciples in the feeding of the 5000 story in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus was teaching them, teaching them, teaching them. You see, the goal was to change the inner structure of their lives. Any of you who are parents, whether you're in the midst of that or whether your children are up and grown or whether you're contemplating that great adventure, you will come to know ...

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