by M. Kenneth Lyon

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How to Prepare for a Miracle (1 of 5)
Series: Living From the Inside Out
M. Kenneth Lyon
Mark 6:34-43
October 3, 1999

Those of you who only suffer through one service don't realize this, but the sermon changes every service. Every service it changes. And the reason for that is whatever goes on at the first service that was good, I probably can't remember till the second service, and then at the second service, I'll throw in some things that have come to me as new learnings and understanding in that process. And then by the third service, I've forgotten whatever good stuff was at the middle service and the first service, so you folks are always in trouble. But I will tell you I had difficulty in finding a way to begin the sermon at each of those two services. And those folks didn't seem to mind at all. They really did seem to be concerned that I find a good way to end it though.

This is a sermon about a particular passage of scripture that is somewhat problematic to me. It is both encouraging and discouraging at the same time. Have you ever been disappointed when you read something in the bible? Disappointed because it didn't quite fit what you wanted in your life at that moment where you were hook, challenged, engaged by what it said? Well, I confess to you, this is one of those passages of scripture that does that to me. And it comes to me at a particular time in my life, maybe because I'm facing a milestone birthday in January that we won't talk about until then. Maybe it comes to me at a time when I am experiencing one of those wilderness moments of being disappointed. Now some of you know what it is to be disappointed. Sometimes we're disappointed over little things, just little things, little circumstances, little situations, like I'm genuinely disappointed every January when the Prize Patrol does not ring my doorbell and give me $10 million. I'm really disappointed by that. That's... But then I'm disappointed by other circumstantial things. Yo ...

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