by M. Kenneth Lyon

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How Much Is Enough? (9 of 10)
Series: Taking Control of Your Life
M. Kenneth Lyon
Exodus 20:17

Well, at last, here we are on number 10. Started out at number 1. We've gone through all the Commandments. We're on the last step... at least we'd like to think so! But did you know there's an 11th Commandment? It's over in the NT. It's called the bottom line commandment. It's under that commandment that Jesus gave the summation of all of these that we find the energy and we find the wherewithal to complete and fulfill these ten. So next week this is such an important time that all three of the pastors are gonna be involved in the sermon, taking a run at this all- encompassing commandment. It does not mean that we'll have a 3-hour worship service. Be at peace about that. We'll each have about 5 to 7 minutes, the normal time, the total normal time to kinda unpack that so that we can have a great time exploring this greatest commandment and in turn how that impacts the great commission that Jesus gives us.

Today let me start with a question dealing with this 10th commandment. How much is enough? You ever thought about that? When you think about how much is enough, you know, somebody spooning out on your plate banana pudding, how much is enough banana pudding. How much is enough asparagus? I'll bet they're not the same. When you think about how much is enough, you might ask your question about all the realms of life. How much is enough when I think about my employment and how many hours I give? How much is enough in terms of my compensation in how much I receive? How much is enough in terms of the square footage of my house? How much is enough in terms of the dollars I pay for my car? How much is enough in terms of the time I spend with my spouse or my children? How much is enough with the time I give to God? How much is enough? All of life has to do with the negotiations of the 24 hours we have each day and the resources that come our way and how we are goin ...

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