by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Pure Pleasure (6 of 10)
Series: Taking Control of Your Life
M. Kenneth Lyon
Exodus 20:14
August 15, 1999

Boy! Talk about just leavin' one hangin' out there! That does it, doesn't it? I mean, you got all these Commandments and sometimes there's explanation about it. You know, "no graven images." You know, shall do this that. And this one just says don't do it. Forget it. No discussion. That's it.

A week or so ago, you know that Lydia and I were in Chicago. I was there for a conference, and Lydia was with me. But we went a couple of days early because we always try to take a little time in August to celebrate our anniversary. Now our anniversary is actually tomorrow, but this was when the conference was so we went up and went to downtown Chicago. I'd never been. She'd never been. We did all the touristy things. Had a rental car with a big engine. I mean you need one up there. Right? You know, so you just... I found out it's a whole lot easier to go into downtown Chicago than it is to get out of downtown Chicago. It seemed like every day we were there, we always ended up leaving at rush hour. Now on our maps all of these streets interconnect. You just go from this street to that street. You turn right. You go to this street that street. You turn left and you're out of there. Well, except that when you get to the intersection on the map, you can't turn that way. So you're just stuck, so I did what everybody else oughta do, just kinda get in the flow of traffic and go with them. So there are 4 lanes of traffic. We're all flowing the same way. We're making turns and going around curves in downtown Chicago, and all at once we're coming up to this intersection, and I notice well, man, the left hand lane is empty. There's nobody there, so hey, get a jump on everybody. Scoot right over in the left-hand lane, sitting there at the stoplight. When I looked across the intersection, I saw cars coming the other direction in my lane. Somehow the 4 lanes had become yo ...

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