by M. Kenneth Lyon

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God's Word to Workaholics (5 of 10)
Series: Taking Control of Your Life
M. Kenneth Lyon
Exodus 20:8-9

How many of you have ever bought a used car, otherwise known as a previously owned vehicle? Would you raise your hand? The rest of you all bought new cars your whole life! I'm impressed. That's really good! That's good! Wow! Well, you know if you've ever bought a used vehicle that sometimes you get just a peach. I mean that car gives you great service for years. It's cost effective. It's wonderful. And some of you know that you've bought a car that was just a money pit. You paid the initial payment on that thing and it cost you an arm and a leg just to keep running. Every week somethin' else broke, and it was a very unpleasant experience. About 20 years ago when Lydia and I were starting out, we needed a different vehicle. Now we were serving in a church where I was a part of the pastoral staff. There was a member of that congregation that was part of a large car dealership. It was in the mountain area, so when we went to visit this fella at his office, there were actually three levels in this car business. The top level where his office was is where they kept all of the new vehicles. I mean they shined like diamonds with the sunlight, sparkling at the top of the hill. You could catch the new car aroma at least three hundred feet away and it beckoned you, ''Come, take me home.''

Well, it was pretty quick into the conversation to discover that we were out of our leagues on that level so he took us down to the next level where they had their previously owned cars. Now there were some nice cars there. And we had conversation and we told him what our price range was. He was just kinda shaking his head like, ''This is probably not gonna be a good place for you to be either.'' And so then I looked down at the bottom of the hill where they had their bargain lot. And I said, ''What about one of those?'' And he said, ''You probably don't want one of those.'' And ...

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