by M. Kenneth Lyon

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The Danger of Leaning Against the Wind (2 of 10)
Series: Taking Control of your Life
M. Kenneth Lyon
Exodus 20:4-5
July 11, 1999

I know you've been in this situation before. You knew you wanted to say something and you wanted to say as well as you could possibly say it because there was a danger of being misunderstood, misinterpreted, of just really getting your tongue up, getting your foot in your mouth, all that kind of stuff. So you really thought about how you could do it. It's kinda like the story of the guy who's fallen madly in love with this woman, and he just really was infatuated with her. He wasn't very good with words, had no affinity with them at all, always had the knack for saying the wrong thing at just the right time for maximum negative impact. He had gone out with this woman twice, and out of her grace or mercy--he didn't know which--she had agreed to go out with him one more time. And he was determined to make a good impression and to speak his heart. He had a friend who was wise in the ways of the world, who had a good affinity with the language. And he said, "What kinds of things should I say to her so that she will understand how I feel about her?" He said, "Well, when a quiet moment occurs between you, you might look lovingly into her eyes and say, 'You have a face that makes time stand still.'" Oh, that really sounded good. Hey, that's great! He thanks him profusely. Just couldn't wait till there would be a lull in the conversation. Finally it occurred. He looked into her lovely eyes, and his mind went blank. Finally, he came up with a line. He said, "You have a face that would stop a clock." It's important to know how to say something well, don't you think?

Well, let me tell you, I have struggled with saying well the truth about this second commandment, about graven images. Now be honest, when you were doing your spring cleaning this year, how many graven images, idols, did you find in your house. Maybe you'd forgotten abo ...

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