by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Living Beyond the Rules (3 of 7)
Series: Home Improvement
M. Kenneth Lyon
Philippians 3:1-11
May 2, 1999

Three little phrases--have to, want to, get to. Have to is obligation. Want to is anticipation. Get to is appreciation. Basically we face life with one of those postures. And, of course, we face the things that come in life with one of those postures. For example, if we had a little quiz and I said, "You have the possibility of those three answers: have to, want to, get to." And I said, "Filling out your taxes." That would be a have to. With no offense of those in the orthodontic profession, going to the dentist is a have to. Listening to one of my sermons? Get to. Yes, that's right. Good answer! But we go through life with those kind of basic motivational postures--the have to, the want to, the get to. When you think about your walk with Christ, how is that? Is it a have to? Is it a want to? Is it a get to? Is it obligation? Is it anticipation? Is it appreciation? When you think about your life of Christ and how it impacts your daily living, when you think about how it reflects in your relationships with your loved ones, is it a have to, a want to, a get to? Sometimes, little by little, we can slip into a pattern of the have to's of most of our life, including that relationship with Christ. And when that happens, it robs us of the potential called joy.

Now joy is not a Pollyanna kind of attitude that simply says, I don't care what's going on, I'm just gonna be happy and just joyous and just kinda bouncin' off the walls. No, that's not reality. The kind of joy we're talking about in the Scriptural sense is the sustaining confidence, a sustaining certainty and surety that God is in the midst of whatever situation and that whatever distress I may face ultimately that God does have a final say and sovereignty. And that God can take the worst of the world situation and can with my yieldedness in my personal world.

For many of us, however, when we ...

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