by M. Kenneth Lyon

The Truth About Death
M. Kenneth Lyon
Revelation 21:3-4
April 4, 1999

I know that this doesn't help our cause, Fellas, but I'm one of those males that does not like to take directions. Neither do I like to ask for directions. I have been known to be going down the road and obviously at least confused. You know, Daniel Boone once replied when he was asked, "Have you ever been lost?" And he said, "No, but I was bewildered for three days." I have found myself going down the road extremely bewildered. But do I want to stop and ask? Certainly not, especially if my lovely wife is in the car, and will add that to her list of things that she one-ups me on. But I have been known to be driving down the road and develop an intense thirst and pull into a convenience store for a diet Coke. And while I'm there nonchalantly ask how's the best way to get to where it is I need to go. Well, there are a lot of paths that we choose to travel in life. Sometimes we're almost on automatic pilot. Have you ever had the experience of driving somewhere and you're just in your own little world and all at once you come back to consciousness as you're turning into a place you didn't mean to go? I will go in that kind of state and find myself getting ready to turn into the parking lot at church, like I usually do, when I was on the way to somewhere else.

Choosing the right path is important because our destination then comes into view. Let me start with a question today. When you get where you're going, where will you be? Oh, you mean after service? Well, I'll be in the parking lot for a while. That's for sure. You mean, after service and where I'm going to have lunch? Well, I may be having it with friends or family. Where am I going to be when I get where I'm going tonight? Well, I'll be at my house, sacking in early maybe. I've got the day off tomorrow. Are you asking where am I gonna be professionally? Well, I hope to have that corner office with the nice view, the windows. You ...

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