by M. Kenneth Lyon

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How to Receive the Gift God Wants You to Have (2 of 3)
Series: Lessons for Vital Living
M. Kenneth Lyon
Mark 10:13-16
October 5, 1997

Today is worldwide Communion Sunday. That in itself is an awe-inspiring event to my mind. Just think - in Africa, in South America, in Europe, in the former Soviet Union, in China, in the South Pacific, in Australia, all across the world the people of faith are gathered today celebrating Communion. It is a worldwide act of faithfulness, saying indeed as witness to the entire world that God has a place at the table for all persons willing to come and receive the gift God has for them. Tragically, however, not only for the world who is not in the position to receive a lot of us who are Christians are not going to be in the position to receive the gift God wants to give. Not simply because we are here and our minds are occupied with other things but in fact because we come without two fundamental postures that I believe are absolutely essential for us to be in tune with the gift God wants to give us to be able to embrace it, receive it, and then to appropriate it in our living.

Now, we're going to talk about this very quickly today. This not an exhaustive study by any means. I'm simply going to lift it up to you and ask that the Spirit of God deal with you, converse with you, maybe even bug you about these two important concepts. And they come into view first of all when we think about when we have a bad day. Anybody here ever had a bad day? Yeah. How about a bad week? Has anybody ever had a bad week? Anybody had a bad life? No, you can go ahead and put your hands down. Hard times do come. We do remember this is earth, not heaven. Not everything is the way we want it to be or hope it will be in this earthly pilgrimage. We all have bad days. Well, what do you do when you have a bad day? What do you do when Murphy's Law has been operating at full tilt with high efficiency and over-time? What do you do when everything you try ...

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