by M. Kenneth Lyon

What's the Bottom Line?
Rev. M. Kenneth Lyon
Deuteronomy 30: 15-20
February 11, 1996

Today, on Scout Sunday, I am reminded that we tend to look at things differently depending upon our age, our maturation levels, etc. So it's been good for me to think through exactly how theses young men may be seeing and hearing things like, sermons. Now I would remind you that we will have Girl Scout Sunday in March so we do have equal opportunity coming. I came across a little article about a minister who has a very astute Sunday School teacher who really wanted to get her students plugged in to what worship was about. So she asked them to sit there, watch carefully, listen carefully, then write the pastor a note about their experience in worship. Now that's not a good thing sometimes for pastors to hear. Ralph, (age 10) wrote Dear Reverend, I liked your sermon Sunday, especially when it was finished. Margaret, (age 10) wrote Dear Reverend, I like to go to church on Sunday because I don't have any other choice. Justin, (age 9) wrote Dear Reverend, Thank you for your sermon Sunday. I'll write more when my mother explains to me what you said. My goodness, today on this Scout Sunday, I want to say it as clearly, as carefully, and as simply as I can, your choices matter. What's the first line of that Scout oath? On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country. That's about choices. It's about choosing to do those things that will honor God and honor country. Truth is we do have to make choices even if we don't want to. Sometimes not to decide is actually to decide.

You know I'm a fan of Uncle Remus stories and there's one where Br'er Rabbit receives a dinner invitation to go to Br'er Terrapin's house and to go to Br'er Possum's house. Both dinner invitations are for the same night at the same time. Br'er Rabbit didn't notice that and said yes to both of them. The night he's supposed to appear at those two houses he gets to the place in the road where th ...

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