by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Finding the Endurance to Continue It (3 of 4)
Series: Making Changes That Last
Rev. M. Kenneth Lyon
Matthew 12:43-45

Now I speak to you as one who does not have it all together. If you know me any at all you know that I don't have it all together. I am a person well acquainted with the difficulties in making changes that last. It is a very difficult thing. It is even difficult for me to make even little changes that last. Just a few weeks ago a fellow in our congregation by the name of Bob Conley did a gracious thing for me. He and I played golf one day and he noticed that the grips on my golf clubs had not been changed in forever, 7 years since those clubs were given to me. They were cracked and peeling. So he said, ''Look, I'll re-grip them for you. You just get them and I'll put them on.'' So he did. Oh, they were gorgeous, they looked fantastic. I just couldn't wait. I went over to the practice tee, got a couple buckets of balls. I said, ''This is gonna be good.'' And I got up there and after 5 balls I knew. And Laurie Little, our excellent Director of Youth Ministries would say, ''It was a sad thing.'' And it was, I couldn't do anything and as I was trying to get through, regretting the fact that I had bought 2 buckets of balls I remembered a little Limerick that I learned a few years ago that went like this:

I bought a brand new set of clubs and rushed out to the tee. The brand new clubs are really great, But I'm still the same old me.

That speaks not only of my golf game it speaks too of when I try to make changes, significant changes, in my own life. It is hard to do. But I think it is possible to do if we align ourselves with the right Biblical principles we can both be set free of what has been, we can embark on what needs to be and we can continue the process because I assure you making changes that last are not overnight occurrences. It takes time and continued effort. But it's difficult for us to do that when our energy begins to wane ...

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