by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Having the Life You've Always Wanted (5 of 6)
M. Kenneth Lyon
Romans 8:9-17
October 25, 1998

What I want to do in this very brief time we have left this morning, is to ask you to take a gut check. Think about your life 5 years ago. Think about your life, as a Christian, five years ago, if you have been a Christian that long. If you haven't, think about your life from whatever point it has been. But five years ago, think about your spiritual journey. Where were you? Now I want you to think about it today. Is it any different? Have you been transformed in any way? Are you still struggling with the same issues? What are the new insights that have come to you? In what ways has God molded and shaped your life so that now it is identifiably different than it was five years ago. Or if you have been a Christian less time than that, whatever time that has been. Hmm. I hope there's a difference. But, in fact, for many of us this is a really sticky place. And it's a sticky place because we have somehow gotten the idea that by coming to church, by joining the church, by being able to say, "Yes, I believe God loves me through Jesus Christ and his work on the cross," that has placed me in the kingdom, and now all that is necessary, all that is needful, all that God wanted to do for me is done. But, that is the way to an impoverished life. I can't imagine a life any more poorly resourced than a life like that. And, then there are those of us who have entered into this realm of Christian experience and we've come in with the idea that. "Yes, God has done this for me so I am under marching orders. I'm under duty, I must do these certain things." Kind of like being a part of Kiwanis or Rotary. There are certain things you do if you are a part of those organizations to remain a member in good standing. You know, you attend the meetings. You support certain service projects. You pay your monthly dues. And, those are good and wonderful things. But some of us have gotten the id ...

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