by M. Kenneth Lyon

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Having the Life You've Always Wanted (4 of 6)
M. Kenneth Lyon
I Thessalonians 4:7, 5:23-24
October 18, 1998

You know there are some things that are too good to be true, like your believing that I'm actually going to finish at 12 noon. Be at peace! It's not going to happen. Or about that envelope that comes in the mail to you that says on the outside, "You have already won one of three fabulous pre-selected prizes." A brand new car! Imagine yourself driving to work in your new red, black or silver Ferrari. Be the envy of your friends. Or the second prize is a brand new huge large-screen TV complete with surround sound or the third fabulous prize is a set of guaranteed never to grow dull, always looks good steak knives. All you have to do to claim your prize is to come by our conveniently located office at Happy Hideaway in the Sticks and take a brief tour of our never priced lower, never will be again condos, camper sites, time shares, etc. Now a new car sounds pretty good. Big screen TV sounds pretty good. But you and I know that chances are slim that we're going to walk away with anything other than that set of steak knives and maybe Excedrin, BC, or Goody's powder headache from a 3-hour sales presentation. Some offers are just too good to be true.

For some people that's the feeling they get when they hear the Gospel. What a marvelous, marvelous offer! We've been surveying in the past several weeks the possibilities, to look at this in a very fresh way. What if God really does exist? What if there is a creative power at work in the universe? What if that one has a purpose and plan, not only for creation in general but for your creation in particular? What if that God wants to be in relationship with you? And how in the world can that be when you and I know that we are sinful broken, that we are certainly not pure, and that One is portrayed by the Scripture as being pure? We talked about Grace, God's prevenient Grace, that is God drawing us to God's s ...

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