by Terry J. Hallock

Rebuking the Devourer
Thanksgiving Sunday and Debt Burning Service
T. J. Hallock
Luke 4:18-20; Malachi 3:10-11
November 24, 2002

Debt is a heavy chain binding the hearts of too many of God's people. In the United States 50 million credit cards are issued annually, many of them to young people who aren't even employed. 70% of credit card holders carry a balance that averages over $3,000. Payments on debt now account for 92% of disposable family income. Total consumer debt in the United States is over 5 trillion dollars. Personal bankruptcies are at an all-time high of about one million per year.

The cost of debt however is more than economic. Its burden puts terrible strain on marriages and families. The anxiety it causes takes a heavy toll on our bodies. Most damaging of all is the cost to our spirits. The prison of debt keeps believers from the abundant life Jesus came to give. It steals our joy, kills our hope, and destroys our blessing. It makes us more susceptible to cutting moral corners. And it keeps us from propagating the Gospel by devouring the seed of our finances before it can be sown in to the lives of the lost and the broken.

When we have no seed to sow because debt has consumed it, we will have no harvest to reap because the devil has devoured it. When we have no harvest to reap, there will be no blessing to receive. When there is no blessing to receive, there is no joy to be felt. It is time to rebuke the devourer of our seed! It is time to claim our birthright of financial liberty as born-again children of God saved by the blood of Jesus Christ! It is time to say to the devil, "Get out of my finances and give me back my stuff!"

God wants His people to be free of debt because He wants His people to be whole and complete, not lacking anything. His plan of economic liberty was outlined as long ago as the books of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Malachi. It came in the form of the Sabbath and Jubilee Years and the Law of the Tithe.


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