by Terry J. Hallock

We Are People with a Purpose
T. J. Hallock
I Samuel 17:20-29

As David stood in the Valley of Elah where the battle between Israel and the Philistines, led by their giant Goliath, was about to come a head, David's older brother Eliab angrily demanded, "Why camest thou down hither?" In other words, "What are you doing here? You don't belong here! You're the little brother and you're supposed to be watching the sheep. That's your role in life - your only role. You of all people don't have a thing that can help us in the battle with the Philistines and Goliath, so go back home where you belong. I know your pride and your naughtiness. The only reason you're here is to watch the battle." Eliab saw David as his little brother and no more. It angered him that his little annoying brother would have the temerity to ask what the man who slew Goliath would get. Goliath was a giant. David was a little boy. Who did he think he was?

As we stand in the valley of the shadows where God's people are threatened by giants of darkness and death voices cry out, "Why camest thou down hither?" What are you doing here? Well... what are we doing here? Are we here to slay a giant or simply to watch the battle? Can we make a difference? Or are the Eliab's in our lives right when they declare, "You don't belong here."

Some in my own family cannot see me as anyone other than the "Bob's little brother". Their minds have a frozen picture of me as a child and they cannot imagine that I can ever be anyone more than that. Is that how some see you? Is that how you see yourself? Are you convinced you'll always remain someone's little brother or sister incapable of making a difference? "Why camest thou down hither?"

My dear friend Pastor Calvin Spinks, who now walks with the angels on heaven's streets, was often spoken of as Eliab spoke of David. Calvin had spent a good portion of his early life hustling on the streets. He was shot six times and arrested many more times than that. E ...

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