by Terry J. Hallock

Looking for God?
Terry J. Hallock
Acts 17:22-34
April 28, 2002

One of the more poignant episodes of the classic Andy Griffith television show was entitled "Looking for Mr. McFievie".

One day little Opie came home and with a shout of glee said, "Pa, look what I have!" His father Andy looked at the boy’s hand and there was a shiny new quarter. "Where did you get that son?" Andy asked.

"From Mr. McFievie" Opie replied.

"Mr. McFievie? Who’s Mr. McFievie?" Andy asked with a look of doubt.

"He lives in the tops of the trees out in the woods Pa. He wears a shiny silver helmet, jingles when he walks, and makes quarters comes out of his ears."

"Son," said Andy, "you know that lying is wrong. Now where did you really get that quarter?"

"From Mr. McFievie, Pa".

"Son, I’m going to ask you one more time to tell me the truth and if you don’t you know I’ll have to discipline you for lying. People don’t live in the tops of trees wearing shiny silver helmets, jingle when they move and make quarters come out of their ears. Now one more time, where did you get that quarter?"

"Honest Pa. I got it from Mr. McFievie".

"Go to your room son until I figure out what to do. I’m very disappointed in you."

For days Andy tried to get Opie to change his story but he wouldn’t. Opie stood by his belief that Mr. McFievie was real and that he made quarters come out of his ears. Even Barney got involved trying to counsel Opie about the difference between truth and lies, fantasy and reality, all with no success.

Not knowing what else to do Andy went out to the woods where Opie swore Mr. McFievie lived yet there was no one in sight. Disheartened Andy knelt beneath a tree and said to himself. "Mr. McFievie I do wish you were real and that Opie was telling me the truth that you live in the tops of the trees, wear a shiny silver helmet, jingle when you move, and make quarters come out of your ears. Mr. McFievie, Mr. McFievie, where are you?"

Suddenly a ...

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