by Terry J. Hallock

Opening Heaven's Doors
Terry J. Hallock
Matthew 16:13-28
July 8, 2001

I. Before I received my anointing and appointing to the ministry I worked for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company as both an assistant store manager and then as the store manager.

A. While I was in the store I possessed one thing no one else in that store had - authority.

1. That is, whatever I said was to happen would happen.

a. If I said that the arrangement of the floor displays were to be changed, they were changed.

b. If I said that the window signs were to be changed, they were changed.

c. If I told the repair shop manager he was to take that customer needing four new tires in to the shop before the customer who wanted an oil change, that's what happened.

2. Now if that which I directed didn't occur the one who was in a disobedient relationship with me would soon find himself in a dependent relationship upon welfare because he wouldn't have a job.

B. I didn't have that authority because of my good looks or personality but because it had been assigned to me - transferred to me by those who had authority over me.

1. When I was an assistant store manager it was my store manager who transferred his authority to me, e.g. when he wasn't in the store I was given his authority to institute his policies, not mine but his.

2. When I became a store manager my District Manager transferred his authority to me in order to institute in my store the plan Goodyear had designed for that store.

3. You see I didn't have the authority to do what I wanted, but only what those in authority over me wanted, but operating inside that obedience to the plan of the corporation I exercised complete authority to speak in their name to those who sat under the authority of the corporation.

II. The scriptural foundation for this sermon speaks about authority and about those to whom it is given.

A. The authority that these folks have is the ultimate authority; it is the authority ...

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