by Terry J. Hallock

Standing on the Promises
Terry J. Hallock
Hebrews 6:14-20
May 25, 1997

We live in a time when lots of folks make lots of promises. Your mailbox gets filled with the same junk as does ours. They come with titles like "From the Office of the Prize Comptroller" and they say things such as, "Terry J. Hallock, You are a guaranteed winner!" So we mail in the "official" entry form in the "official" envelope, having placed the "official" entry seal on the space provided and then we wait for our "guaranteed" prize, which of course never comes.

And the promises go on. Commercials promise to flatten our stomachs, thicken our hair and cure our acne. Yet often what our $19.95 buys is a pretty bottle filled only with the fragrance of disappointment.

Those broken promises are survivable but some hurt deeply and can scar us for life. A father promises his child he will be at the big game, or the recital, or the school plays; yet when the child looks over the crowd Dad's face isn't there and his or her heart breaks. A person gives their entire working life to one employer, doing so in the belief of receiving as much loyalty from the company as the company has received from them. But a decision to "right size" suddenly leaves them without a job. We live in a time when lots of folks make lots of promises but we also live in a time when few keep them.

There is a very real harvest being reaped from the seeds of broken promises. It is a crop of cynical spirits crying out; "Whom can I believe? Is there anyone still faithful? Is there anyone who keeps his promises?" If those shattered hearts don't find a rock of hope there will be too many children with no light in their eyes and too many adults with no hope in their souls.

Beginning this morning we're going to take the cynicism that floods our time and change it into a hope that floods our souls. We're going to make the lyrics of one old hymn the lyrics of our lives.

"Standing on the promises of Christ my king, thro ...

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