by Terry J. Hallock

Beyond Hope?
Terry J. Hallock
Acts 9:1-19
March 30, 1997

Is there a person or circumstance in your life seemingly beyond hope? If so, listen to the story of man named Saul.

(Read Acts 9:1-19)

This wasn't simply a man who had chosen not to believe in Jesus. Saul had literally hated Jesus and Jesus' people. Earlier in Acts we are told that Saul had led the prosecution of Stephen whose only crime was confessing Jesus. Saul stood by as that gentle soul was stoned to death. So Saul's attacks were the last thing those first believers could imagine Jesus stopping and Saul himself was the last person they would have ever believed Jesus could change. It is little wonder that Ananias was absolutely stunned when Jesus told him He had redeemed Saul's heart. "He's executed believers in Jerusalem, now he's on his way to kill us, and yet you want me to go and lay hands on him because you say you have changed him?" If I suggest Jesus can change your Saul-like person or circumstance and if I ask you to go and touch them in His name your response would likely be the same as Ananias'.

Yet that is exactly what Easter declares: No person or circumstance is beyond hope - not with Jesus and not in Hi ...

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