by Terry J. Hallock

Fed Up with Life or Filled up with God
Terry J. Hallock
Ephesians 3:14-19
July 16, 2000

So many things fill our lives in this world that very often we have no room for God. Now some don't give much thought to that proposition believing that God is secondary to their lives. So they fill up their existences with frantic searches for power, pleasure and possessions. Then, if they have time or space remaining, they will give one tiny corner of their hearts and minds to God.

What fools they are! In relegating God to a minimal space in their lives they have separated themselves from the very power that could fulfill their lives. In rejecting His riches in order to pursue the world's riches they have made themselves poor. In rejecting His power in order to have the world's power they have made themselves weak. In rejecting His love in order to chase the world's love they have left themselves with a love that doesn't work.

It is for this very reason that we have violence, hatred, war, racism, suffering and pain in this world. If one is filled up with the world and empty of God one can only expect to harvest what the seeds of the world produce. A mother drives her vehicle containing herself and her three young sons directly and deliberately into the Mississippi River, killing all of them. Why? Because she was fed up with live and not filled up with God. The divorce she had gone through and the loss of custody of her sons had so filled her with despair it literally ate away at her soul, her spirit, and her hope. One father beats another father to death following a hockey practice. Why? He was fed up with life and not filled up with God. His anger over the seeming injustice and injury suffered by his child at that practice so covered his heart that he could not control his destructive rage.

That is why Paul cries out in his prayer of Ephesians 3 that "out of ...

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