by Terry J. Hallock

God's Blueprint for Your Family
Terry J. Hallock
Ephesians 5:21-6:4
May 14, 2000
A Mother's Day Sermon

The book of Genesis tells us the first social relationship God established was the family. He did so because He wanted the intimate circle of the family to be the central laboratory where human children would learn to become His children as godly parents instilled divine truths into those the Lord has loaned us for nurture and safe-keeping.

Just as Jesus is the cornerstone of our new spiritual creation, the family is the cornerstone of this physical creation. The family is where God has appointed that the patterns of His Law are to be passed on from generation to generation so that human society will rest only upon those divine pillars. Those pillars that will keep society strong and safe and fill it with love, integrity, honesty, decency and compassion. If you want to know the future of America look at the state of its families for as the family goes so go God's children. As God's children go so goes this nation for the character of a nation has always been inseparable from the character of its people. The character of its families has always shaped the character of a nation's people.

I believe it is more vital than ever to understand the Creator's perfect blueprint for our precious families. On this Mother's Day 2000 we stand on the precipice from which we will either fall into the dark abyss of destruction or fly into the bright light of renewal. The heart of God's divine blueprint for our families is found in Ephesians 5:21 through 6:4. As you hear it, hear it in the Spirit, because it is a teaching this world's ears cannot understand and one that those same ears despise. Set aside all cultural aversions and political correctness you may have been taught about this passage because it is not about the subjugation of wives, the exaltation of domineering husbands, or the abuse of children. It is about creating a family built on God's model of raci ...

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