by Terry J. Hallock

The Ties That Bind
Terry J. Hallock
March 26, 2000
Philippians 2:1-11

In this passage Paul describes the unique character of the Christian heart. It is a heart that has been so radically transformed by its encounter with Jesus that it produces an attitude unlike any other the world has ever seen and thus creates relationships unlike any the world has ever known.

In the transformed Christian heart lie the keys to ties that bind and cannot be severed either by the whims of man or the schemes of the devil. In that new heart lie the ties to bind people of every culture and color in an unbroken cord of healing and reconciliation. In that new heart exists the ties to bind husband and wife in an unbroken union of nurture and strength. In that regenerated heart stand the ties that bind children to their parents and parents to their children in an unbroken fellowship of understanding and compassion.

From that new heart pours a new attitude capable of creating the family of God where the world's unrelenting pattern of brokenness and bitterness, anger and alienation, selfishness and sadness, despair and death are replaced by a pattern of hope and healing, unity and fellowship, grace and peace.

Philippians 2:5 is the rope that creates these ties that bind. "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus..." Jesus' attitude was rooted in submission and humility that led Him down the path of pain and suffering but then produced exaltation and victory. Jesus knew He was something but He made Himself nothing. He knew He was God but He became man. He knew He was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords but He chose to become the servant of servants for the poorest of the poor. He knew He had no sin but He chose to become sin for the release of sinners. He knew He had no equal but He chose to become weak for the empowering of the weak. He knew He was bound to no man yet He bound Himself to the Father, tied Himself to others and allowed Himself to be nailed t ...

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