by Terry J. Hallock

Love Isn't Blind
Terry J. Hallock
Philippians 1:9-11
March 12, 2000

"Love is blind", they say. For love to flourish, they say, our eyes must be closed to seeing ugly truth. Our ears must be plugged to hearing disturbing truth. Our minds must be shut to knowing unsettling truth. We must not see one another as we really are for if true love has no eyes the moment your weakness enters my sight and my sin crosses your vision love will die. All our relationships -- husbands and wives, children and parents, neighbors and friends, young and old, rich and poor, Caucasians and people of color, God and His people, Jesus and His Church -- must be masquerade balls where we dance to the rhythm of denial. For as they say, "Love is blind."

So many of us, even in the Body of Christ, go through our lives wearing those masks and engaging in that dance. We build marriages on the foundation of infatuation not information because "love is blind". We maintain friendships by playing games not sharing grace because "love is blind." We present ourselves to the world dressed in emotional clothing that covers our scars because "love is blind." We even lie to each other in the Body of Christ about the ugliness, pain and suffering in our hearts because "love is blind." We may live our entire existence convinced that if people saw us as we are they could never love us as we desire because after all "love is blind."

Then we wonder why 50% of our marriages still fail, even in the Body of Christ. We question why our friendships remain so shallow while our hearts still hurt. We don't understand why we weekly leave the Sanctuary of God with our spirits still bleeding and our sins still cutting. We don't understand why we stay intimate strangers with each other even after years of sitting in the same church pews right next to each other.

It is because that love which we've been told is blind isn't love at all but a lie. The love that is really love does not live in the dark of denial b ...

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