by Terry J. Hallock

Stand Your Ground
Terry J. Hallock
Ephesians 6:10-18
February 27, 2000

Day after day, like the mighty winds of a spring storm, forces in this life blow against the hearts and homes of God's children with the sole purpose of knocking them down so they can't stand their ground. Brothers and sisters in this fellowship are struggling to stand their ground against the winds of cancer. Others are trying valiantly to stay upright in the of grief's strong gales. Still others are fighting to hold their ground while standing in the eye of the tornado winds of stormy relationships. Still others daily brace themselves against the onslaught of financial cyclones bent on ripping apart their present and their future. Day after day the winds of darkness blow against the lives of God's children and whether those winds are physical, emotional or spiritual their singular aim is to knock us down so we can't stand our ground.

Sometimes just staying upright can become so difficult we cry out in anguish, as did the young woman who wrote the following letter to God.

Dear God,

Where are you? How can you watch and not help me? I hurt so bad, and you don't even care. If you cared you'd make it stop or let me die. I love you, but you seem so far away. I can't hear you or feel you or see you, but I'm supposed to believe you're here. Lord, I feel them and hear them. They are here. I know you're real, God, but they are more real to me right now. Please make someone believe me, Lord. Why won't you make it stop? Please, Lord, please! If you love me you'll let me die.

Jesus came and stood in the face of those destructive winds and all their pain. He planted His bloodstained cross right in the middle of those storms that would knock us down so we can't stand our ground. He was born in our flesh, suffered in our place and rose from our grave for the exact purpose of reaching out to wounded hearts and knocked down lives like that young woman crying out in her despair, "Dear God, whe ...

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