by Terry J. Hallock

The Baby's Leaping
Terry J. Hallock
Luke 1:39-45

Elizabeth, wife of a temple priest named Zechariah and descendent of Moses' brother Aaron, was now in the sixth month of her pregnancy -- a pregnancy God had promised but all human logic said could never happen because of her age and barrenness. Yet here she was carrying the miraculous possibility of God whom she and Zechariah would name John and who we know as John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ Himself.

Elizabeth was aged but that made no difference to God. She was barren but that didn't matter to the Lord. Her husband didn't believe the promise even when it was personally delivered by the archangel Gabriel, but that didn't stop the one for whom nothing is impossible. God took Elizabeth's barrenness and turned it into a blessing! He saw her emptiness, heard her prayers, and filled that emptiness with the gift of new life.

As marvelous and miraculous as Elizabeth's conception of John was and as sufficient as just giving birth to a child would be, God wasn't finished. He was about to transport Elizabeth from the realm of the natural world to the kingdom of supernatural power! He was about to fill Elizabeth with a divine energy that would make even her miraculous pregnancy pale in comparison. The delivery agent of that jolt of the supernatural would be Elizabeth's cousin, Mary, but the source of that power would be the very Son of God Himself, conceived by the Holy Spirit, whom Mary now carried. God was now flesh in the womb of humanity and He was about to unleash all His omnipotent power through the tiny and gentle voice of a simple virgin.

Scripture tells us that after Gabriel had visited Mary and announced her Immaculate Conception; she went to see her cousin whom Gabriel had told her was also now carrying a child. Luke's gospel paints the dramatic scene when Mary entered Zechariah's home. As soon as Mary said "Hello" a bolt of heavenly power shot across the distance between her and Elizabet ...

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