by Terry J. Hallock

As for Me and My Household
A Father's Day Sermon
T. J. Hallock
Joshua 24:14-15
June 20, 1999

I want to focus on two verses from Joshua 24 and from those two verses issue seven challenges to every man in this assembly.

Here are the seven challenges.

1. CHOOSE TO BE THE SPIRITUAL LEADER OF YOUR HOME BY CHOOSING TO SERVE JOSHUA'S GOD IN YOUR HEART. Brothers, this is the most critical choice we will ever face. Joshua understood that. He knew that whether Israel chose to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph or whether she placed herself in servitude to other gods would determine her character. Her character would then determine her future, for good or for ill. The choice of whom we serve -- the Bible's God or the world's gods -- will produce the same result. That choice will determine our character and that character will determine our future. And brothers, we are the dominant arbiter of that choice. In case you think that to be just so much pastoral platitude, let me make some facts clear about what happens as fathers and husbands decide who they'll serve.

* Fact: Studies continue to show that 90% of children whose fathers attend Church will themselves freely choose to attend and will continue to do so even when they've reached adulthood. Yet in those homes where mother takes the children to church and father never does, only 7% of those children will participate in a faith community when they reach adulthood. * Fact: The predominant characteristic among those imprisoned for violent crime is the absence of a strong moral male leadership role in their childhood. * Fact: In marriages where the wife is part of a spiritual fellowship but her husband is not the divorce rate is the same two out of four as the rest of American culture. However, in those marriages where husband and wife participate together in a spiritual fellowship the divorce rate is so low as to be immeasurable.

Brothers, that's why the Word says in Ephesians 5:25, "Husba ...

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