by Terry J. Hallock

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Who Are You Really? (1 of 6)
God's Designs and Desires
Terry J. Hallock
Genesis 1:26, 27, 2:7
September 12, 1999

When you look in the mirror each morning who do you see? Do you see someone of possibility, potential, and value, worth, purpose and power? Do you see a person who's loved, accepted, necessary and needed? Or do you see someone else? Is that face staring back at you in the cold harsh light of morning someone you wish you didn't know? Is that because there is deep pain in that face -- a pain born of a broken soul filled with alienation, self-loathing, and condemnation? If that face in the mirror could speak how would they answer the question "Who am I?"

Each of us will choose an answer and the one we choose will shape our thoughts, emotions, actions and our future. Some answers will lead only to more pain because they are lies. The young men who took the lives of 12 of their classmates, one of their teachers, and then their own at Columbine High School did not arrive at that moment of carnage by accident. They were led to it by a lie for when they looked in the mirror each morning a distorted, demon possessed, and grotesque self-image shouted back at their soul, "You're nobody!" God's design and desire is that you never hear those words and if you've already heard them that you be healed of them because they are a lie. God's design and desire is for you to hear the voice of angels singing, "You're somebody! You may not yet be all you can be, but you're somebody! You may not be all you want to be, but you're somebody! You may not be everything the world says you should be, but you're somebody!"

The discovery of who you really are begins with the affirmation of this single truth. YOUR REAL IDENTITY IS IN GOD, NOT THE WORLD. Some never discover who they really are because they keep looking horizontally instead of vertically. They search for their identity in a fickle and dying world rather than in a faithful and living God. You were made for e ...

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